Cyber Security Solutions

Online threats are increasing at an alarming rate. OpTech recognizes that every day your organization's information and networks are under attack from forces more sophisticated, more organized, better financed, and more dangerous than ever before. While the usual hackers and criminals remain challenges, new threats now come from international organized crime, state-sponsored military / intelligence organizations and terrorist groups.

These new threats demand a higher level of security and ongoing vigilance. Most organizations recognize the threat is serious but few understand its full impact or implications for the future. Cyberspace has become a dangerous place and everyone is a potential target. Especially at risk are critical infrastructure organizations such as financial institutions, government agencies, utilities, airports, and healthcare organizations. No single security solution is going to be successful by itself. What is necessary is the development and implementation of an effective Enterprise Security Strategy, continuing education of skilled Cyber Security professionals, ongoing vulnerability assessments, intrusion detection, forensics, and response planning.

OpTech is a world-class information security consulting company that offers its clients the full range of solutions to assure that their information and networks remain secure. Our highly trained staff are Cyber Security Professionals who understand how hackers work and are experienced in helping organizations prevent successful attacks. OpTech's range of Cyber Security services are detailed below.

Full Security SLC/SDLC Support (Initiation through Implementation) Business Impact, Continuity of Operation Plans, Contingency Plans, Disaster Recovery Plans Security Training Programs (Specialized and Tailored to your Organization/Agency)
Incident Response and Eradication, Security Monitoring, Security Strategy Development Compliance, Risk Assessment, Financial Audit Procedures and Best Practices. Cyber Security Program Support Training (Security +, CEH, CISA, CISSP)
Secure Network Design and Implementation, Encryption/PKI Security Requirements Analysis, Security Functional Analysis Specialized Cyber Training Certified Courseware Certificate Programs.
Security Policy Procedure Standards and Guidelines Development (Templates) Physical Security Assessments, Risk Assessments, Incident Response, Contingency Planning Cyber Attack Recovery/ Business Continuity / COOP Planning Training customized to your Organization.
Wireless Security (802.11X, Fixed Dish, Mesh, Satellite, GPS, RFID, Proprietary) Continuous Compliance Monitoring and Reporting (CCMR) Cyber Security Management Overview Training for Executives and Senior Managers.
Cloud Security Services IT Security Governance Consulting Training Program and Materials Development.


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